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If you plan to visit St. John in the Virgin Islands, you won’t lack anything to do, as the tropical destination offers water sports galore, hiking, eco-tours, and more. That is why it is important to also stay at the right property, as your vacation residence will serve as your home away from home during your dream holiday.

st. john villas
st. john villas

When it comes to booking a property on the island, many travelers like to choose St. John villas for their island stay. The villas not only are luxurious, but they also offer more privacy during a vacationer’s getaway. 

So, what amenities will you get during your villa stay?

Spending the Holiday at Rendezvous Bay

Let’s look at one of the more affordable luxury villas, poised along Rendezvous Bay. The villa, an exceptional value, features a large spa, beautiful ocean views, and the necessary AC. The booking is ideal for two couples, a couple, or a small family, While the villa’s great room features a 20-foot vaulted ceiling, the master bedroom connects to an upper sleeping area and lower laundry room with a stunning spiral staircase.

This cozy yet luxurious villa provides two flat-screen TVs, one which sits in the master bedroom and the other in the living room. The expansive covered deck offers sounds of the surf and a great view of the evening sky at night.

The Area of Rendezvous Bay

Spanning east of the island’s friendly neighborhood of Chocolate Hole, Rendezvous Bay is close to the Cruz Bay ferry dock and runs across Fish Bay to a remote body of water known as Reef Bay. The Virgin Island National Park borders the area from the east and the north. 

This is a place where vacation villas adorn hillsides and manicured gardens offer peaceful and quiet retreats. You can also take paths that lead to hidden shores, such as Monte Bay, Klein Bay, and Hart Bay. Reserve a day at Reef Bay for exploration and snorkeling. 

What You’ll Pay for a Lower-Priced Luxury Villas

The above-described villa can hold up to six people and the outdoor area can also be reserved for weddings with a guest list of 50 people. You can find a villa that is perfect for your VI holiday or honeymoon. Review the selection online now to get a better feel for the properties and their upscale offerings.

A lower-cost luxury villa runs about $325 per night for 1 to 2 guests or $370 per night for 3 to 4 people during the low season (late April to mid-December). High season rates (January to the end of April) are $445 per night for 1 to 2 people or $500 per night for 3 to 4 visitors. Typically, the best time to go weather-wise is April to June, when rainfall is low and temperatures are more pleasant.

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