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Located at an elevation of roughly 8,100 feet in the Kalimpong hills, Rishyap is a small tourist community. The community is close to Lava, a well-known tourist destination. The key factor in Rishyap’s popularity is the pure joy of being in a hill village with chirping birds and waking up to a view of the Majestic Kanchenjunga. The tranquil setting and magnificent vistas of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain range from Rishop are its key draws. A visitor may see the mountains of Sikkim, Bhutan, and Nepal, notably Jelep la, from Rishyap in addition to the Kanchenjunga range. Rishop homestay will give you the ideal opportunity to indulge in the mysticism of the place.


Best Time To Visit Rishop Homestay

The months of February, March, September, October, and November are the ideal times to visit Rishop homestay. Adventure seekers like to come here in the winter to enjoy the snowfall. It is advised to avoid visiting the destination during monsoons since there are high chances of landslides.

How To Visit Homestay In Rishop

By Road

From Siliguri, a passable motorable road (Hill Cart Road) leads to Rishop through Kurseong. A straight route through the forest connects Lava with Rishyap; it was once only accessible by foot but is now also motorable. The distance is only 5 kilometres on this path.

By Train

The closest rail hub, New Jalpaiguri, is connected to Kolkata. Several trains run from Kolkata and other major cities. From the NJP train station, it takes around four hours to go to homestays in Rishop. The distance is approximately 110 kilometres via Kalimpong.

By Air

The closest airport to Rishop Homestay, Bagdogra, has 3–4 daily flights (usually in the afternoon) from New Delhi, Kolkata, and Guwahati. It takes an additional 10 kilometres from Bagdogra Airport. It is approximately 32 kilometres via Alagarh from Kalimpong.

Location Of Rishop Resort

In the Indian state of West Bengal, Rishyap is a village located in the Kalimpong subdivision of the Kalimpong district. The location of Rishyap is 27.03N and 88.18E. Its typical elevation is 2591 metres (8500 feet). If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Rishop is perfect. This tourist village is nestled in the Lava – Lolegaon Circuit in Kalimpong sub-division and offers stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains. 

Hotel In Rishop, Kalimpong

Outdoor Activities Around Rishop Hotel

There are several activities to explore and try out in Rishop Homestay when you book it through Bengal Tour Plans. Some include –

– Trekking through Rishop

– You can arrange your bonfires and barbeque

– There are enough options for playgrounds for children and a balcony or terrace

– You can enjoy the mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise

– You can experience the fun at picnics

Why Stay at Hotels In Rishop

The beauty of Rishop Homestay is sparked by the untouched area with its rows of pine trees and rhododendrons. This name has some urban legends attached to it. Mountain summit is denoted by “Ri,” and ten-year-old trees are denoted by “shop.”

From this settlement of evergreen trees, one may see the magnificent vista of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga. The major attraction here is the accessibility to other beautiful destinations like Lava, Lolegaon, etc. Therefore, you get a chance to explore lava homestay and more.

Other reasons to choose Rishop Homestay are that people are drawn to the quiet area away from the bustle. A leisurely stroll through the village is recommended. The region’s unreliable roads make transit difficult. Walking and listening to birds sing are much more exciting here.

rishop homestay
homestay in rishop

Facilities at Rishop Hotels

Once in Rishop Homestay, you will witness some of the best facilities and amenities. Some of the facilities are similar in any other rishop hotel too. 

  • There are several outdoor activities to enjoy 
  • The rooms are quite clean and hygienic, especially given the COVID-19 times
  • Rishop homestay price is quite affordable
  • There is a bonfire area 
  • There is also a kids play area and a balcony or terrace included
  • Visitors can also enjoy a barbeque at the homestay 
  • There are enough parking spaces for car owners

Top Attractions Around Rishop Best Homestay


A day trip from here can be taken to Lolegaon, a charming village located around 34 kilometres from Rishop. A trip through the heritage forest’s Canopy walk or a stay at the woodland guest home is both options. Jhandidara is another dawn location near Lolegaon.


Lava is about 9 miles away from Rishop. There is a hiking route with a mere 5 km in distance. This charming location is located at a height of 2,350 metres. You can also visit Nature Interpretation Center, Changey La Waterfall, Lava Jamgyong Kongtrul Monastery, etc.

Tiffin Dara

The Neora Valley National Park’s Tiffin Dara is a well-known and popular viewpoint recognized for its beautiful sunrise views, as well as expansive vistas of the dense, peaceful pine trees and glimpses of the towering Himalayas. The snow-capped Khang-Chen-D-spectacular Zongha’s vista of the night sky is a unique gift that draws visitors to Tiffin Dara. 


This location offers a stunning fusion of history, culture, and nature where visitors may have an authentic experience. Pedong is situated in the well-known Darjeeling area, 21 kilometres from the town of Kalimpong. At a height of 5000 feet, the altitudinal variance varies from subtropical to alpine, with the Rishi Valley being the lowest. 

Benefits Of Booking Rishop Homestay Price With Bengal Tour Plans

homestays in Rishop


Booking rishop homestay price through us helps save money on your trip.

Customer Service

We offer excellent customer service and amenities when visiting the Rishop hotel.

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We always work to find the best deals for our customers who want to stay here.

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With us, you're guaranteed a hassle-free stay at the homestay in Rishop.

Customer Reviews for Rishop Resort

Vikas Das
Vikas Das@vikasdas
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I really like the Rishop homestay. Bengal Tour Plans got me a very good deal on my stay. The homestay was incredibly comfortable and well-equipped.
Misha Sen
Misha Sen@mishasen
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I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Rishyap Homestay through Bengal Tour Plans. I was very impressed by their service, as they got me a great deal.
Rahul Kaur
Rahul Kaur@rahulkaur
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I'm absolutely thrilled with the level of service homestay in Rishop provided. I'm truly impressed with the quality of service I received and recommend BTP wholeheartedly.

Important Places To Shop During Rishop Tour ​

If you wish to indulge in a shopping spree, you have several options to shop at different places near Rishop Homestay:

  • Lower Bong Busty Kalimpong
  • Rangpo Mandi Bazaar
  • Sikkim, Kandoika
  • Kungeria Traders
  • Aritar Lake
  • Changey Waterfall
  • Sarasa Garden
homestay in Rishop
rishop hotel

Best Places to Eat at Homestays in Rishop 

Near homestays in rishop, you can find several places to eat –

  • 6 Mile: 6 Mile is a regular eatery in Rishop that serves food at affordable prices. It has won the credibility of customers for its delicious meals. 
  • Café Himalayan Hotpot: It is one of the most popular places to eat near Rishop. With great ambiance, excellent food, and a perfect location, it is a must-visit. 

FAQs on Homestays in Rishop

No, staying at Rishop homestay is very affordable as they charge reasonably. Besides, if you book with BTP, we can give you discounts on the Rishop homestay cost too.

Yes, you can pre-book Rishop hotels through BTP.

Yes, Rishyap homestay offers excellent room service to customers.

The hotel in Rishop is located in Kalimpong, West Bengal 734319.

Yes Rishop homestay price includes attached bathrooms.

Yes, you can get Rishop homestay contact number if you book through us.

Things To Carry On Rishop Trip

When visiting Rishop Homestay, here are a few things to carry –

  • Warm clothes 
  • Medicines
  • Antiseptics, painkillers 
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Proper footwear

COVID-19 Safety In Rishop Resort

When you are traveling to Rishop Homestay, make sure you are COVID-negative. It is necessary to show your vaccination certificate when you are traveling to the homestay. Often, the homestay will not let you in if you have a fever or other COVID-related symptoms.

Best Homestays in Rishyap

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