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beautiful Araku Valley On Vizag Araku package Tours

In the Vizag Araku tour package, you will get to witness the unspoiled beauty of Eastern Ghat. This well-known tourist destination is situated in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. According to Bengal Tour Plans, some of the special reasons to plan Vizag Araku tour package are the mesmerizing coffee garden and mind-blowing waterfalls. After the COVID-19 pandemic, we must plan a refreshing trip to heal our souls and the Vizag tours or Vizag Araku tour packages are perfectly organized travel packages for the tourists. 

On Vizag to Araku tour package you can experience magnificent waterfalls, dense forests, and mysterious caves. As per The Hindu and The New Indian Express, this South Indian region has been experiencing foggy weather and drizzle for a few months. It is to mention that 60% of the Indian tourists conduct Araku tour from Vizag every year. Bengal Tour Plans is here with reasonable Vizag Araku ap tourism packages for all the travelers; we charge ₹7,900 for two heads.

Vizag Tours From Kolkata

Geographical Specification of Vizag and Araku Valley

Araku Valley is stationed at a 910-meter elevation from the sea level and on the other hand, Vizag is very famous for its breathtaking sea beaches. This tourist location is adorned with several interesting museums and historical temples. Travelers across the globe scheduled Vizag to Araku trip to witness the unparalleled architecture of the ancient Hindu temples. Contact us if you want to plan a smart Vizag Araku tour itinerary with the best travel agency in Kolkata.

Plan Your Next Holiday At Vizag Araku With Us, The Best Travel Agency

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Winter (November to February)

It will great to plan a Vizag Araku Jagdalpur tour package from Kolkata in winter as the mercury drops down to almost 5°C. During these months, you can explore as many locations as possible without exhaustion.

Monsoon (June to October)

As the Bay of Bengal is located close, the forest you will explore in the Vizag Araku tour package from Kolkata receives heavy rainfall from June to October Hence; it will be smart to plan the Vizag Araku and lambasingi tour package from November to March.

Summer (March-May)

Located in the proximity of the Bay of Bengal, Vizag Araku tour packages, witness humid climate almost all along the year. During summer, the mercury soars up to 18°C to 28°C. However, the mildly chilling breeze from the hills eases the weather for the tourists. 





























By road

To plan Vizag Araku valley tour packages by road you will have to drive for nearly 20 hours (918 km) via NH16. 

By rail

To enjoy Visakhapatnam to Araku tour packages by rail, you can commute to two rail stations,

  1.  Valley on the Kothhalsa-Kirandul railway line, a part of the Visakhapatnam division on the East Coast Railway. 
  2. Shimiliguda railway station is the highest broad gauge line in the country.

By air

The nearest airport of Araku valley is located 115 km away in Visakhapatnam. 

Vizag Tour Plans

Highlights of Hyderabad to Vizag Araku tour package

Places You'll See

Vizag Tour Itinerary, Vizag Tour Package itinerary From Kolkata

Dear Guest This is our regular Itinerary and most people have done this itinerary.  So If you have any special request on this itinerary you can contact us via email. We can Customize this trip with your request. If you want to make it shorter or longer or want to add some other tours with this package please mention on your email, we will work out on your request. 

Vizag Tour

Vizag tour 6 night 7 days package tour itinerary by Bengal Tour Plans

On day 1, we will pick you up from the Vizag railway station and drop to the hotel. Then we will start our Vizag Araku Hyderabad tour package from Kolkata by exploring some refreshing spots after lunch. We will visit Ramakrishna beach, submarine and will get back to the hotel. Night stay at Vizag.

On the next day, we will explore various mind-blowing locations in Vizag with Bengal Tour Plan’s expert guides. We will visit Simachalam, Rushikonda beach, and Kailashgiri during the Vizag Araku jagdalpur tour package.

On day 3 of our Vizag and Araku tour, we will check out from the hotel in the early morning and visit Araku. En-route we will witness the magnificent beauty of Bora Cave, Coffee Plantation, Tribal Museum, and Botanical Garden. We will stay one night in Araku valley during your tours.

On the 4rth day, we will check out from Araku to board a train to reach Hyderabad at 3 PM. Overnight train journey

On the next day, after having lunch we will visit Golconda Fort, Salar Jung Museum, and  Charminar.

On the 6th day, you will be free to explore the uniquely designed Ramoji Film City at your own cost. Overnight stay at Hyderabad.

On the last day of our Vizag Araku Jagdalpur tour plan, we will check out from the hotel in Hyderabad and reach to the station to board a train for Kolkata. 

Vizag Araku Tour Package From Kolkata the Price Chart:  

₹ 15,900

3 PAX in a DBR

₹ 16,900

2 PAX in a DBR


5 to 11 years child


2 to 5 years child 


Vizag tour 3 night 4 days package tour itinerary

On day 1, we will pick you up from the Vizag railway station and drop to the hotel. Then we will start our Vizag Araku Hyderabad tour plan by exploring some engaging locations after lunch. We will hit Ramakrishna beach, submarine and will get back to the hotel. Night stay at Vizag.

On the next day, we will witness various jaw-dropping tourist-destinations in Vizag with expert guides. We will visit Simachalam, Rushikonda beach, and Kailashgiri in the Vizag Araku Hyderabad tour package.

On day 3 we will check out from the hotel in the early morning and hit Araku as per our Vizag Araku Jagdalpur tour map. En-route we will witness the gorgeous beauty of Bora Cave, Coffee Plantation, Tribal Museum, and Botanical Garden. We will stay one night at Araku.

On the last day, we will check out from the hotel and move to the Vizag railway station. From there we will board a train to Kolkata. 

Vizag Tour Package From Kolkata Rate: 


3 PAX in a DBR


2 PAX in a DBR


5 to 11 years child


2 to 5 years child 

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Vizag Package Tours: What's Included and Excluded?

Araku Tour From Kolkata

Places to visit in Vizag Tour, Best Tourist Spots in Araku [A Complete Vizag Araku tour guide in 2021 ]

Tourist Places On Vizag Tours

Tourist Places are Famous for?

Distance from Hyderabad

Chaparai Waterfalls 

Magnificent natural beauty 

658 km via NH326

Ananthagiri Hills

The lush greenery adorned by hills

81 km via Chevella Road

Padmapuram Botanical garden 

Exclusive collection of plants and trees

22 km 

Tribal Museum 

Fantastic collection of tribal handicrafts and weapons

6 km via NH65

Bora Caves 

Unique geographical landforms

694 km via NH16

Katiki Waterfalls 

The breathtaking view of the waterfall

700 km via NH16

Golconda View Point

The bird’s eye view of Hyderabad

11 km

Coffee House and museum

Taste delicious coffee and gather interesting information

656 km via NH326

Tyda Nature Camp

Mind-blowing natural beauty

632 km 

Vizag Tours  

Admire the Chaparai Waterfalls under Vizag to Araku ap tourism 

Chaparai waterfalls or Dumbriguda Falls top the list when it is about the trip to Araku valley. Lush green forests on all sides surround the waterfall. Located at a mere distance of 5 kilometers from the valley, this can be the ideal vacation spot with your friends and family during your Vizag tour from Kolkata. 

Check out the old and famous Ananthagiri Hills

At a distance of 26kms from the valley, this is a small hill station right between Vizag and Araku. You can find beautiful coffee plantations and waterfalls altogether at this gorgeous hill station of Andhra Pradesh. Start your planning for the Vizag Araku tour plan from Kolkata from now on to witness this place’s beauty.

Vizag Araku Package Tour From Kolkata Vizag Araku Package Tour From Kolkata

Please drop by Padmapuram Botanical Garden during the Vizag tour

You must not miss this spectacular tourist spot in Vizag, where one can experience the exciting history of Araku Valley. At this place, you can also witness some rare flora that you may not find anywhere else. This location is very significant as from this place, World War || were supplied vegetables. 

Experience the culture at Araku Tribal Museum

If you love to gather cultural knowledge and traditions, Araku Tribal Museum might be the right place for you. The place is primarily created to make people aware of the lifestyle and culture of Araku Valley by taking you through the history of this place. It will be a nice place to visit during the Vizag tour. 

Vizag Araku Tour Package Vizag Araku Tour Package

Be mesmerized at the Borra Caves on Araku Tours

Borra caves are on the must-visit places that you should indulge during the Vizag Araku Jagdalpur Hyderabad tour. These are the largest caves in the country and are located at an incredible height of 705 meters. The caves dated back to 1807 and made of karstic limestone – a special type of stone whose beauty is best witnessed in natural sunlight.

Do Try the Bongulo Chicken During Vizag Tour

Visiting a destination and not trying the local delicacy keeps your tour incomplete. Bongulu chicken is a famous dish of Araku Valley, which is known to be prepared by a unique traditional method. Several restaurants and small roadside joints are serving the dish. Else, you can also try the famous Madugula Halwa and Teepi Avakaya.

Vizag Tour From Kolkata Vizag Tour From Kolkata 

Katiki Waterfalls near Borra Caves 

The waterfalls are named after Katiki, which is located about 4 kilometers away from Borra Caves at the height of about 50ft. This waterfall is known for its greenery and cleanest water in the vicinity. 

Visit the most scenic Galikonda View Point on Vizag Araku Tour

Located about 30kms away from Araku town, the place is accessible by taxi. As the name suggests, the location offers a spectacular view of the entire Araku Valley, its misty mountains, old-style cottages, and railway tracks. It is an ideal place to collect some family photographs and make lasting memories.

Vizag Araku Package Tour From Kolkata Vizag Araku Package Tour From Kolkata


Take the aromatic trip to Coffee House & Museum.

Vizag is known for its coffee plantations. The organic Araku Emerald brand coffee is quite a rage among die-hard coffee fans. The coffee house is located right behind the APRTC bus stand. The place is more like a museum that tells you about the history of coffee plantations in India and Africa, and some European countries. There is also a light and sound show, which can be quite a memorable experience. 

Experience culture at the Tyda Nature Camp at Araku Tours

Tyda is a small tribal village located between Vizag and Araku. The place is 40kms away from Araku Valley, so you will need a taxi to commute to the location. The nature camp is situated right in the village’s heart and quite a famous tourist spot for people trying to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visit this place during your Vizag Araku Hyderabad tour. 

Let's Explore Nature Book Vizag Araku Tour Package from kolkata

santanu neogi founder bengal tour plans travel agency
Santanu Neogi


Top 5 hotels to stay during Vizag to Araku one day tour package

1# Hotel coastal Park:

This is a reputed hotel in Vizag that aims to offer ultimate comfort to its guests. 

2# Ushodaya Resorts:

If you are looking for a luxury stay in Araku then this lodging will impress you. This resort will cost you ₹4844 for two heads.

3# SRK resort:

Plan your Vizag Araku tour package for 2 days with low prices and book your stay at SRK resort in Araku. This is a budget-friendly stay for all types of tourists. 

4# Rajdhani resort:

Rajdhani resort offers a mind-blowing stay to the tourists. At this place, you can expect to get various facilities. 

5# Hotel Bramha:

Hotel Bramha provides a comfortable stay at pocket-friendly rates. They charge ₹1,457 for two heads.

Important things to carry while traveling in Vizag to Araku

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FAQ's On Vizag Tours , Vizag Tour From Kolkata

To reach Araku Valley from Visakhapatnam you can board a train from Visakhapatnam to reach Araku station. It will take you nearly 3 hours to complete the journey. Else you can also take a flight or hire a car from Visakhapatnam to reach Araku Valley.

Winter is the best time to explore Vizag. During this season, the weather remains friendly with the brighter sky and zero rainfall.

To confirm your booking for vizag tour you can drop un an email or contact us, the team of Bengal Tour Plans. Our experts will get your booking confirmed on your expected dates.

For the Vizag Araku valley tour package, it will cost you nearly ₹16,900 for two heads or ₹8,450 per person. For more details regarding the Vizag Araku tour cost you can talk to our tour experts in Bengal Tour Plan.

Vizag tour cost depends on various things such as no of people going on the tour, what kinds of hotels you are opting for, foods, sightseeing etc. However, at Bengal Tour Plans the vizag tour cost starts from 9900+ INR. GST will be added as per government rules.

As we all know, the cost depends on numerous factors, but here we at Bengal Tour Plans have to try to maintain a basic average rate for all our customers. Our cost for araku tour package starts at 9900+5% GST. The cost will include, food, hotels, sightseeing, etc. However, the actual cost may vary depending upon the availability of the hotel rooms, dates of your tours.

Are you looking to book a Vizag araku tour package? Then, please call at – +91 84203 61281. Our travel expert will guide you with the booking process easier. Or you can mail us at bengaltourplans@gmail.com for a free quotation on your Vizag tour.

Bengal Tour Plans have been the best travel agency in Kolkata for low and mid-budget tour planning. And staying true to our loyal customers we always make sure our rates are very low for the Vizag tour package from Kolkata and this is why people loved us so much. You can also check out our other tour travel packages here.

We have a clear refund policy for the Vizag tour package from Kolkata. 

  1. If you are canceling the tour 10 days ago, no refund will be given.
  2. If you are canceling your Vizag tour 30 days prior to departure, then 50% booking amount will be returned 
  3. If you are canceling your Vizag araku tour package from Kolkata, 90 days prior to departure then a 100% refund will be given. 

Yes we do have a lot of araku tour packages from Vizag, if you are interested all you have to do is call us at – +91 84203 61281. We will send you our 3-4 different araku tour packages from Vizag.


Priyanka Halder

Priyanka Halder - March 10, 2020


Araku Valley is one of the best valley of Eastern Ghats, which is 111 km away from Vishakhapatnam city. We booked the Vizag-Araku tour package from Bengal Tour Plans. Araku Valley trip was an amazing trip as this valley surrounded by high Mountains, foggy clouds, lush green forests and pleasant climate There is train service also available from Vishakhapatnam, which is running between Vishakhapatnam to Araku and one has to get down at Borra Guhalu Station. This train will go through 58 Tunnels.

Saikat Pandey

Saikat Pandey - March 05, 2020

Everyone Wish is to visit their loved place. This is the Top place in my list to visit this place Once a year for Sure. This is the correct time to visit the atmosphere and the Nature will be awesome when You visit this place Between November to January.
Coffee plantations and Cheprai waterfalls Tribal Museum and Coffee Museum is the beautiful place to visit in this location.
Samapti Das

Samapti Das - April 02, 2020

The kashmir of Visakhapatnam..U can feel here like hill station… It will take 4-5 hours journey by car from Visakhapatnam. U may also by train from Visakhapatnam city..
Shouvik Singh

Shouvik Singh - February 13, 2020

Very nice place to visit for nature lover. coffee plantation, water falls , scenic beauty and much more things to visit here.
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