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The off-the-beaten-path location of Kaffergaon is situated near Loleygaon, a village in the Kalimpong district. You may reach picturesque Kaffergaon homestay by taking a downhill, perilous curvy route. Kaffergaon is surrounded by tall mountains with snow-capped summits, lush green woods, and a variety of unusual plants and animals. This is a must-visit location to rejuvenate both your mind and spirit. Taking in the breathtaking grandeur of the sunrise over Bhutan’s eastern horizon is a must-do activity in Kaffergaon. The majestic view of Mount Kanchenjunga is another great attraction here! Watching the sunset is equally amazing. Without any obstruction, you can view Mount Kanchenjunga and its neighboring summits. Homestay in Kaffergaon envelops you in a veil of serenity and privacy.


Best Time To Visit Kafer Gaon Homestay

Kaffergaon Homestay is a magical and alluring place in the West Bengal region that is ideal for visiting all around the year except during the monsoon season. It is not suggested to travel to Kaffergaon Homestay during the rainy seasons because of the area’s inaccessibility due to severe rain. Additionally, landslides brought on by excessive rain forced the closure of the highways. However, the summer and winter won’t interfere with your trip in any way, and you may enjoy your warm homestay in Kaffergaon.

How To Visit Homestay In Kaffergaon

By Road

People visiting the Kaffergaon retreat can find shared taxis if you are visiting the homestay in Kaffer Gaon from Siliguri (125 km away from Kaffer Gaon). Another alternative to reach Kaffer Gaon by road is through Kalimpong (45 km) or Lava (60 km).

By Train

The nearest railway to the Kaffer Gaon Homestay is considered to be New Jalpaiguri which is well connected to many parts of the country. A drive from the NJP to Kaffer Gaon Homestay generally takes around four to four and a half hours.

By Air

The Bagdogra Airport is the nearest airport to the Rishaan Cottages Homestay in Sittong. From the airport, many cabs are present that can take you to the homestay. It will only take nearly two hours to reach the destination by a cab or a car.

History of Kaffergaon Homestay

Kafergaon was initially a hidden Lepcha village in Loleygaon with a population of only 5000 people. Being only 6km away from the popular Lolegaon village, Kafergaon gradually began to be visited and recognised by tourists. Since then many Homestays near Kaffergaon has came into being. The low Kaffer gaon Homestay Cost made the destination a major tourist magnet in recent years.The beauty of the Homestays near Kaffergaon has only been increasing since they were first established. Most of these consist of massive main houses and pretty cottages, often surrounded by colorful orchids that render the place more beauty.

Homestay In Kaffergaon, Kalimpong

Location Of Kaffer Gaon Or Kaffer Village

Kaffer gaon or Kaffer Village is located in the West Bengal Region, Kalimpong. It lies approximately 5 kilometers away from Lolegaon. Kaffer gaon in Loleygaon often spelled Lolegaon, is a lovely Lepcha hamlet with a population of 5000 people that is situated at an elevation of 1,675 meters. The Lepcha name for Loleygaon is Kafer. The distance along the Neora Valley Forest circuit from Lolegaon Village is only 6 kilometers.

How To Reach Kaffergaon Homestay

There are several ways to reach Kaffergaon Homestay or any other Kaffergaon hotels. The kaffergaon distance is approximately 55 kilometers away from Kalimpong. 

The closest airport is Bagdogra (IXB), and New Mal Junction (NMZ) and New Jalpaiguri (NJP) are the closest railheads. These locations are well connected to the rest of India. It will take around 4-4.5 hours to travel directly by auto or cab from the Bagdogra airport, NJP, and Siliguri (125 km). Only from Siliguri are shared taxis and Jeeps accessible up to Kalimpong. The settlement of Kaffergaon hotels  is only 45 km from Kalimpong and may be reached in one to one and a half hours. A 60 km (40 mi) alternate route goes through Lava to Kaffer Village.

Why Choose To Stay At Kaffer Village Near Lolaygaon​

A little town called Kafer is located 55 kilometers from Kalimpong in West Bengal. The location is a short distance from Lolegaon. 

The majority of the Lepcha people live in the Kaffer Village Near Lolaygaon, which is perched at a height of 5500 feet above sea level. The area’s peaceful, serene, and pollution-free environment is its main draw. 

At Kaffer Village near Lolaygaon, you may unwind and listen to birds singing while indulging your eyes in the breathtaking natural vistas of the area. A panoramic view of Mount Kanchenjunga and other snow-covered summits can be seen from Kafer. All in all, the village makes for the ideal escape for anyone looking to enjoy pristine nature at its finest.

kaffergaon homestay
kaffergaon hotels

Facilities At Hotel In Kaffergaon

The hotel in Kaffergaon has several facilities that attract visitors from around the globe. 

  • Guests of the Kaffergaon hotel can bring their pets on prior notice
  • There is a garden near the Kaffergaon homestay.
  • There are enough parking spaces and facilities for car owners at the Kaffergaon hotel.
  • The rooms of the hotel are clean.
  • The cost of kaffergaon homestay is affordable.

Top Attractions Around kafer Gaon homestay


A great location for a honeymoon around kafer gaon homestay is Charkhole. Charkhole offers magnificent, unobstructed views of Mt. Kanchenjunga in the autumn and spring. The evergreen trees, lovely flowers, and plants, as well as the pure blue skies at this time of the month, paint a really picturesque picture of Charkhole.


Loleygaon is a remarkably beautiful town near kafer gaon homestay that is ringed by forests. It’s a great idea to spend your weekend at Loleygaon. In the lush forests of Loleygaon, there is a charming canopy walk. The melodic songs of the birds can be heard as you stroll leisurely across the swinging wooden bridge.


The Kagyu Thekchen Ling Monastery, a charming Buddhist monastery, is located in Lava’s scenic scenery. The Lava Monastery is the common name for this monastery. The surrounding, heavily forested areas enhance Lava’s natural attractiveness. Lava is a well-known tourist destination for people who like Kaffergaon sightseeing. There are many plants and animals in this tiny village.


The lovely city of Kalimpong is well-known for its abundant bazaars and natural beauty. Beautiful Monasteries, Delo Hill, Dr. Graham’s House, Orchid Garden, Morgan House, and a sizable Golf Course are just a few of Kalimpong’s historic and breathtaking attractions. These unusual locations make for lovely weekend getaways and remarkable Kaffergaon sightseeing. 

Outdoor Activities At Kafer Gaon Homestay

By Kaffer Gaon Homestay Booking, you will be able to participate in a number of memorable activities.

  • Jungle trekking in the lush green near the Kaffer Gaon Homestay is a famous activity among the tourists who visit this place simply to take in the best of nature.
  • The mesmerizing view of the sunrise and sunset over Mount Kanchenjunga is highly enjoyed by the tourists.
  • The Kaffer Gaon Homestay often arranges bonfires during the night picnics. The locals sing and dance around the bonfire to showcase their culture and to entertain the tourists.
  • The homestay also arranges tours for visitors who desire to explore the nearby villages.
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Benefits Of Booking Kaffergaon Homestay Price With Bengal Tour Plans

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Booking kaffergaon homestay price through us helps save money on your trip.

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Customer Reviews for Kafer gaon resort

Abhinay Shah
Abhinay Shah@abhinayshah
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The rooms at the homestay in Kaffer Gaon were great and the hosts were very hospitable. I would definitely urge people to visit kafer gaon resort.
Vatsal Jha
Vatsal Jha@vatsaljha
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I booked my kafer gaon resort with Bengal Tour PLans and I am very happy with the service they provided. The Kaffergaon homestay was excellent.
Vinny Dey
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I booked my stay at kaffer gaon with BTP and I am very pleased with the amenities they offered me. The homestay was very comfortable.

Important places to Shop during Kaffergaon Tour

Haat Bazaar:

The nearby Haat Bazaar in Kalimpong is a well-known site among locals as well as tourists. It is held every Saturday between 7 AM to 6:30 PM and offers organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products to people. It also serves some delicious fast foods like the popular vegetable dumpling.


This store offers ready-made clothes to its customers at affordable prices. You can get your hand on some unique traditional and modern clothing pieces at discount too!


This is an undiscovered flower market near kaffer gaon in Kalimpong that sells a variety of plants. If you are an ardent flora-lover and want to get your hands on some unique succulents and foliages, then this is the best place to be.

kaffer village near lolaygaon
kaffer village near lolaygaon

Best Places to Eat at Homestay In Kaffergaon

Everest Restaurant: This is an everyday sit-down restaurant that serves scrumptious food to visitors. The delicious feasts served here will linger on your tongue for a long time. 

Art Cafe: This cafe near Kaffer Gaon homestay is popular for its friendly staff and outdoor seating services. Its top-rated foods according to locals are chocolate cakes, margaritas, and nacho chips.

Solba Dhim Restaurant: The Solba Dhim Restaurant is the perfect place to eat near Kaffer Gaon, if you like a comforting ambiance while relishing delicious dishes. This restaurant serves the best butter chicken in the whole region.

Neena’s Kitchen: If you are looking for a family-friendly restaurant then Neena’s Kitchen is the ideal choice.

FAQs on Kaffergaon Homestay Booking

No, staying at Kaffergaon is not at all expensive as they charge reasonably. Besides, if you book with BTP, we can give you discounts too.

Yes, Kaffergaon hotels offer housekeeping.

Yes, Kaffer Gaon homestay offers excellent room service to customers.

Yes, hotel in Kaffer Village Near Lolaygaon offer Wi-fi.

Yes Kaffergaon homestay price includes attached bathrooms.

Yes, Kaffergaon homestay offers laundry service.

Things To Carry At The Homestay In Kaffergaon, Kalimpong

When traveling to Kaffergaon Homestay, here are some of the things you must carry –

  • Carry appropriate thermals since the elevation is a bit high 

  • Carry first aid including your medicines

  • Waterproof bags

COVID-19 Safety In Kaffer Gaon Homestay

The homestay follows strict COVID-19 safety protocols. This includes sanitizing the property frequently, checking the vaccination certificate of guests, and checking the temperature of workers at all times.

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