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Are you looking to book sundarban tours at the lowest package rate by sundarban tour operators by Bengal Tour Plans? Sundarban Package Tours allow the tourists to observe the thrill of dense forest at the Ganges delta. Every year nearly 1,500 tourists hire tours to Sundarban package to experience the Royal Bengal Tiger along with the impressive cohabitation of Gangetic waves and mangrove trees. Unfortunately, only 88 to 96 tigers are left in Sundarban as per the report of Tourism in Sundarban. However, with the Sundarban tour package from Kolkata by Bengal Tour Plan you can expect to spot fishing cats, leopard cats, flying fox, Indian grey mongoose, Chital, jungle cat in Sundarban, South 24 Parganas.

As per Sundarban tourism, WBDTC is a gigantic estuarine forest with a space of about 4,200 square kilometers in the entire world. You will be happy to know that it has bagged a place in the list of World Heritage Site after getting recognized by UNESCO.

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To discover this nature given mangrove altogether contact our Sundarban tour operator now! In your Sundarban tour, you can experience numerous endangered species, ranging from turtles to tigers. If you are lucky, you can witness the magnificently royal Sundarban tigers during your Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days package tour. Shake hands with Bengal Tour Plan as we plan the Sundarban tour to introduce some exclusive sightseeing spots for a memorable trip.

Geographical Specification of Sundarban

Conduct Kolkata to Sundarban tour to explore the Sundarban Tiger Reserve, the biggest reserve in India. It is divided into two parts; one in India and the other in Bangladesh. When it is about the geographical specification of Sundarban national park check out the following variations,

  • The Brahmaputra
  • The Meghna
  • The Ganges

The interconnected network of several waterways makes a tour to Sundarban from Kolkata easily accessible by boat. The fertile soil has helped the region to get converted into a land of intensive agriculture. Therefore, contact Bengal Tour Plans and book Sundarban tour 3 nights 4 days package tour to witness the mystery of nature.

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Weather Condition in Sundarban Forest tourism






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Best time to plan Sundarban tour from Kolkata

Winter (November to February)

During winter Sundarban tours from Kolkata the mercury drops to almost 9.2°C. In this chilled season the animals come out to absorb the sun rays, hence it becomes easier for the tourists to spot the wildlife.

Monsoon (June to October)

The forest you will explore in the Sundarban package receives heavy rainfall from June to October. The river overflows due to excessive rainfall which the primary mode of transportation. Hence, it will be smart to plan the Sundarban tour package from Kolkata from November to March.

Summer (March-May)

Located in the proximity of the Bay of Bengal, tour to Sundarban from Kolkata, comprises of humid climate almost all along the year. During summer, the mercury soars up to 42°C. To escape the scorching heat most of the animals take shelter in this season hence it becomes impossible to spot them.

How to reach Sundarban from Kolkata?

By road

To reach Sundarban by road, drive to Canning (56 km) and reach Sonakhali. Else, you can also reach to Namkhana (100 km), Najat(92 km) or Raidighi (76 km). From there you can reach Sundarban with Sundarban tour package boat.

By rail

To enjoy a trip to Sundarban by rail, you can take Namkhana local or Canning local from Sealdah Junction. Tourists can collect entry permits for the tour to Sundarban National Park from Canning, Bagna, and Sonakhali. Entry permits for Sundarban West can be collected from Namkhana, Raidighi, and Canning.

By air

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (109 km) is the nearest airbase of Sundarban.


Highlights of Sundarban Tour Package Plans From Kolkata

Places You'll See

Itinerary of Sundarban Tours Package Plan by Bengal Tour Plans

Dear Guest This is our regular Itinerary and most people have done this itinerary.  So If you have any special request on this itinerary you can contact us via email. We can Customize this trip with your request. If you want to make it shorter or longer or want to add some other tours with this package please mention on your email, we will work out on your request. 

Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days package tour itinerary

You will start the Sundarban tour package from either from Dharmatala or Science City (transport by Bengal Tour Plan) and will reach Godkhali by 11:30. From this point, Sundarban tours mangrove journey starts. Visit en-route Gosaba (Hamilton’s Bungalow, Rabindranath Tagore’s House). Lunch as per the Sundarban tour plan will be served on the boat. By evening visit Pakhiralaya market. Then enjoy yourself with snacks and dinner at 9 PM.
At 6:30 AM get ready for Sundarban cruise, by 8 AM checkout from hotel and board on mechanized boat/launch. Then visit Sajnekhali Tiger Reserve, Mangrove Interpretation Centre, Sajnekhali Watch Tower, Do Banki Watch Tower, Sudhanyokhali Watch Tower, Panchamukhali, Pirkhali, Gazikhali and back to the hotel( breakfast and lunch will be served on the boat). By 6:30 PM have the evening tea/ coffee & snacks at the hotel. Dinner will be served at 9 PM.

At 6:30 AM take your bed tea and go for a village walk to get the real essence of Sundarban. By 8:30 AM back to the hotel and have breakfast and proceed for the Jotirampur Island for Bird Watching and move towards Godkhali (Launch on board). By 3:30 PM the Sundarban tour package boat will come to Godkhali Jetty.

Sundarban tour plan Itinerary for 1 Night 2 Days by Bengal Tour Plan

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What's Included in Sundarban Packages for Tourists?

Tourist Places to visit in Sundarban Package tours, Sundarban Sightseeing List

Sundarban package tours with Bengal tour plan takes you to experience some off bit locations scattered in this lush green delta. Let’s check out the top tourist spots to explore in Kolkata to Sundarban tour.

 Tourist Places

Famous For

Distance from Sundarban


In this small block, you can observe the lifestyle of locals in Sundarban.

45.5 Km


Various kinds of birds.

41.9 Km

Sajnekhali Watch Tower

Wild boars, Royal Bengal Tigers.

41.2 Km

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

Animals come to the water tank situated nearby to quench thirst.

42.8 Km

Dobanki Watch Tower

Canopy Walk.

44.3 Km

Bonobibi Bharani

Bonobibi Bharani – the goddess of the forest.

19.3 KM

Sundar Khali

flora and fauna.

22 KM


Royal Bengal Tigers

31.2 KM

Chora Gaji Khali

Royal Bengal Tiger

16 KM


Crocodiles, deer, and other wild animals.

20.9 KM

Pancha mukhani

It is a confluence of five rivers, Icchamati, Durgaduyani, Shukna, Banabibidharini, and Gumor.

21.4 KM

Neti Dhopani Watch Tower

400 years old Shiva Temple ruins.

45.1 Km

Burirdubri Watch Tower

Wooden bridges situated amid mud cage.

14.8 KM

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  • Gosaba: Situated in the Canning subdivision of south 24 Parganas in West Bengal, Gosaba is the stepping stone to Sundarban package tours. In this small block, you can observe the lifestyle of locals in Sundarban.


  • Pakhiralay: Pakhiralay is a highly beautiful island where the Sundarban tour package boat takes a halt. If you have kids in your group, the sight of numerous birds will make them applauded.


  • Sajnekhali Watch Tower: To enjoy a panoramic view of the forest in the tour to Sundarban package peacefully, then tour to Sundarban from Kolkata will take you to the Sajnekhali watchtower. Ranging from wild boars to Royal Bengal Tigers, you will be in a position to catch glimpses of many wild animals during Kolkata to Sundarban tour.


  • Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower: The Sudhanyakhali watchtower is a safe place where you can easily catch glimpses of animals at Sundarban tour plan from canning. Animals come to the water tank situated nearby to quench thirst. Permission and other formalities will be the responsibility of com, the Sundarban tour operator in Kolkata.


  • Dobanki Watch Tower: The Dobanki watch tower offer a unique experience of enjoying the Canopy Walk. Situated at a height of about 20 feet from the ground, tour to Sundarban package from Kolkata will let you catch the glimpse of deer and kites at this place. The presence of a sweet water pond is another sight to enjoy.


  • Bonobibi Bharani: Bonobibi Bharani is the guardian of the Kolkata to Sundarban tour and is respected by both Hindus as well as Muslims. It is believed that she gives her blessings to all. If you pray devotedly, you will be in a safe state.


  • Sundar Khali: It is clear from the name that it is a great place to enjoy for tourists in Sundarban tour from Kolkata. The place is full of flora and fauna. In this place, you will enjoy the loudest silence of nature. Sundar Khali is the best example that will let you enjoy the Sundarban tour 2 night 3 days package tour without any hurdle.


  • Gajikhali: Gajikhali is a well-known spot in Sundarban tours from Kolkata that features exclusive natural beauty. Royal Bengal Tigers come here to enjoy the taste of water. You may capture amazing snaps from your camera during the Sundarban package tour. The breathtaking view of the wide river will please your soul.


  • Chora Gaji Khali: If you want to catch the glimpse of Royal Bengal Tiger during Sundarban tour3 night 4 days package tour then chora gaji khali is the perfect place. Here, tigers come to bath and relax during day time. Capture snaps from your camera from the Sundarban tour package boat.


  • Deulbharani: Deulbharani in Sundarban tour 3 night 4 days package tour will let you enjoy the sight of crocodiles, deer, and other wild animals. Moreover, in Sundarban tours from Kolkata, you will enjoy the exotic beauty and grace of nature in the best possible manner.


  • Pancha mukhani: Pancha Mukhani is a well-known place to enlist in the Sundarban tour package from Kolkata. It is a confluence of five rivers, Icchamati, Durgaduyani, Shukna, Banabibidharini and Gumor. Contact Sundarban tour operator to witness the jaw-dropping scenic beauty of this massive confluence.


  • Neti Dhopani Watch Tower: The Neti dhopani watchtower is another important spot in the Sundarban tour3 night 4 days package tour. At this location explore 400 years old Shiva Temple ruins. Confirm Sundarban tour booking to visit this place.


  • Burirdubri Watch Tower: This is a must-visit place in Sundarban tour3 night 4 days package tour as here you can enjoy walking through the wooden bridges situated amid mud cage. The ground of fauna comprises varieties of snails, crabs, and molluscs. Initiate Sundarban tour booking to explore this wonderful location.

Top 5 hotels to stay during Sundarban Tour Package

  • Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort (Price per night- ₹3,570):

    Confirm Sundarban tour booking at this hotel and relax without any worry.
  • Royal Sundarban Wild Resort (Price per night- ₹2,070):

    If you are looking for a pocket-friendly Sundarban tour package cost, then book your rooms at this homestay.
  • Sundarban Jungle Mahal (Price per night- ₹4,256):

    This hotel is apt for tourists who prefer to stay just in the middle of nature.
  • Sundarban Royal Eco Resort (Price per night- ₹999):

    This is a wonderful stay in the lap of nature. Confirm your booking at this resort whenever you visit Sundarban.
  • Sajnekhali Tourist Lodge (Price per night- ₹11,000):

    For a luxury living, you can book this hotel during the Sundarban tour by cruise from Kolkata.

Important things to carry in Sundarban tours and travels

  • Camera
  • Binocular
  • 2 pairs of shoes
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • Comfortable light-colored clothes
  • Medicine
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Torch
  • Mosquito repellent 

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FAQ's On Sundarban Tour Packages from Kolkata

To get your booking confirmed in no time, contact us, Bengal Tour Plan. Our experienced travel guide will clear all your doubts regarding Sundarban package tour.

As per our guidelines, winter is the best season to explore Sundarban national park.

To enjoy Sundarban cruise you can contact our Sundarban tourist guide. We will make arrangements and take you to the biggest mangrove forest in the world.

In the monsoon, the rivers flow over the danger mark. Moreover, continuous rain will restrict you from spotting animals and birds. Hence, try to plan Sundarban tour by West Bengal tourism during other seasons except for monsoon.

Authentic Tourists Reviews on Bengal Tour Plans Package

Aritra Dubey

Aritra Dubey - March 10, 2020

Went there with Bengal Tour Plans from Kolkata. We booked their Sundarban Tour Package. It was very pleasant. Spending night in a sea in the middle of the jungle is really a cool experience.
Jashmin Mary

Jashmin Mary - March 05, 2020


Amazing trip. Fantastic place to be in, awesome scenic beauty, great ambience and of course the land of Royal Bengal. One important thing the best time to spot animals and reptiles is the early morning hours between 6 am to 10 am when there is low tide and the banks gets exposed.

Suvam Bakshi

Suvam Bakshi - March 02, 2020


 Sundarban mangrove forest is a must visited place. It is so much more than an escape from the city life – it is a dream in green. This is not only the world’s largest single block of mangrove, but also the one with the highest biodiversity. So besides looking out for the famous tigers, also keep an eye open for the magnificant birds, reptiles and river dolphins.

Nilesh Singh

Nilesh Singh - February 13, 2020


One of my most memorable trips. Sunder- bans are amazing, the rivers, mangrove forests and the Bengal Tigers if one is lucky like me to spot. We booked Sundarban Package Tour from Bengal tour Plans. Its a great experience of a three day boat stay.

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